Shakespeare gave us the word ‘What’s in a name’ and while we do not forget the call

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of the terrific American metropolis of New York we can ask that question again. Where did the legitimate call of the ‘Big Apple’ come from?

‘New England’ become named after the usa of England because it reminded people of home. Does this apply to New York? The ‘New’ could mean we should search for an area named York.

We need look no similarly than England as York is a walled English town in North Yorkshire and so it can be possible. York is a town with a wealthy history and a history of being the scene to principal political occasions at some point of the general public of its  millennia of lifestyles. With this in thoughts, travellers dreaming of home should have named a brand new town after an old one. Visit :- สินค้าไอทีใหม่ๆ

The foundation of the call ‘York’ is genuinely owed to the Vikings who settled within the region and referred to as the city ‘Jorvik’. Over time this have become York. However, is that this English metropolis in which the ‘York’ in ‘New York’ came from? I’m afraid now not.

New York did no longer even begin as ‘New York’. The first Europeans to name the city had been the French in 1524 and the call Nouvelle-Angoulême (translated as ‘New Angoulême’) was given in honour of Francis I, King of France and Count of Angoulême.

European settlement started out in 1609 with the Englishman Henry Hudson crusing the boat named the ‘Half Moon into Upper New York Bay. Hudson’s file on the beaver population (beaver fur being prized in Europe) prov

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