Dr. Carter G. Woodson noticed that black training have become riddled with voids. Woodson 

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is the Father of Black History Month and the second one African American to obtain his PhD from Harvard University. By 1915, he took upon himself the assignment of filling those voids of information that black people lacked about themselves. Visit :- แกดเจ็ตน่าใช้

In 1926, Woodson set up an annual week-long birthday celebration of black statistics, then called Negro History Week. The week he selected in February fell on the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, guys whom we have found out to associate with the finishing of slavery. In 1976, this week of celebrating black data was improved to the complete month of February. We have fun black statistics month in February due to the fact Woodson, son of a former slave, selected that month, not because of the fact it’s far the shortest month in the year.

In celebrating Black History Month, we need to remember the fact that there may be nevertheless extreme artwork to be achieved. We need to consider that college textbooks and programs handiest briefly point out blacks in American records or slightly point out Africans in global records. In Fact, in keeping with Dr. John Henrik Clarke, via racism, African history-this is, maximum of global history, has been systematically edited out of our training. This is exactly the purpose Woodson set up Negro History Week. In 1926, this changed into an extensive idea. The curriculum of education for black human beings were left within the hands of whites wherein it despite the fact that remains nowadays.

Do you not see some thing incorrect with this?

In this u . S ., each American and East Indians, Jews, Asians, Arabs, Hispanics, and Caucasians, corporations that every nevertheless speak of their personal languages, for the maximum part, do no longer go away the training of their kids completely within the arms of every different subculture; yet, African Americans whose ancestors were forbidden an education, forbidden to speak their African languages, taught that their African tradition modified into evil until they found to believe the lie, who have had and also have the most terrible images that permeate American society, within the closing thirty or so years, have made the aware decision to depart, nearly in its entirety, the facts in their subculture and their American reviews within the arms of those who have the maximum to advantage with the aid of the use of destroying it-proponents of Western/American instructional systems.

Now, I ask you, these days, whose fought is it that too a lot of our kids not only do now not recognise their history, however do no longer want to understand it?

In 1933, Dr. Woodson noticed this trouble coming a hundred miles down the street. He foreshadowed it, laid it out, and advised us what to do to save you it. Just take a look at his The Mis-training of the Negro. He stated, “The nice query which issues us right here is whether or not or not these “knowledgeable” men and women (Negroes) are in reality organized to face the ordeal earlier than them or unconsciously make contributions to their very very own undoing thru perpetuating the regime of the oppressor.”

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