Investing 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Investment

Investing is defined by Warren Buffet as a process of putting out money in order to gain more.

Investing is a good way to make your money grow. There are different types and ways of investing and it can be risky, but investments can give great returns.

Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of investing.


You Become a Stake Holder

When you invest on a company’s stock, you also become an owner of the company. Investors can sell their ownership of the company’s stock once its value rises to gain more.

There Is a Lot of Stocks for Different Investors

Investing is now more accessible to the public. There is a lot of companies and investment types for different kinds of investors.

A Stock Can Be Sold Immediately with Instant Returns

An investor can sell a stock and gain returns instantly. An investor can sell a stock instantly and in real time in order to gain higher profit or to prevent loss.



Investing Comes with Risks

Different types of investments carry different types of risks. Some investments are for investors with a great risk appetite, but there are also investments for conservative risk takers.

Investing Can Take Too Much Time

You need to spend time to research the right investment type for you. You will have to spend time to monitor the growth of your investment and consider when to sell your stocks.

Investing can be challenging, but the gains are rewarding. Here are some steps to help you get started on your investments.


Learn the Basic Terms

Stock Market

Stocks Can be A Viable Option if you want to Invest.


Stocks represent your ownership of a particular business. When you buy stock, you gain partial ownership of the business. There are different types of stocks.

Investment Portfolio

This is the collection of your different financial assets; for example, cash, real estate, and bonds.


Identify your Investor Profile

An investor profile is your preference for investment. Before you invest, determine whether you want a long term or short term investment.

Decide whether your tolerance for risk is conservative, moderate, or aggressive. Your investor profile will determine your investment decisions in accomplishing your investment goals.

Your investment profile may change over time due to changes in your personality and financial stability. For example, a conservative investor may become an aggressive investor as he gains experience on the global market.


Make Your Investment Decision

In this step you will now decide which investments you want to make. If you prefer a long term investment and have a moderate risk appetite, then growth funds are suitable for you.

Bonds are a good investment for conservative investors. It can be a short or long term investment.

Follow your investment profile when building your investment portfolio. Make sure to diversify or buy different stocks to reduce loss and to weather the inflation on the market.

Investing can be profitable and you don’t need a lot of money to start your investments. Begin your investments with lndex Funds and Bond Funds that don’t require a lot of money to get started, and also have a fair return.

Author: Glen Carroll

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  1. Work hard, save wisely, invest for more source of income and retire early. Simple as that.

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    • That is so true Amy.

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  2. Always remember, rich guys doesn’t rely on just one source of income. So, it’s a good idea to invest on other business opportunities.

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  3. You sure you are ready to face risks to invest. Thankfully, there are guides to consider to start to invest.

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  4. Thanks for sharing! I would love to know what’s the safest investment possible.

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  5. Very good to know. There’s so much thing that needed to know more on investing especially the terms that they always use to be familiarized of.

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  6. You need patience if you are planning to invest. It is not like an instant money that will come for you.

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  7. Investing cannot make yourself instant rich. It takes time and risk. So be ready on what will be the results.

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