So since the time shut beta I’ve been playing Conjurer as my fundamental control. It is the nearest thing I could get to Blm/Whm that I so adored in Final Fantasy 11. A few things are a hit and some are a miss however by and large it is an incredibly fun class and I’m appreciating each moment of playing him. Visit :- วิเคราะห์toystory

At the point when I initially got going as a Conjurer leveling felt somewhat awkward. I had low HP, MP, and low defensive layer. I additionally began in Gridania where toxic substance is a typical event, and passing on from it is comparably normal. I was disappointed from the start yet once I arrived at Conjurer rank four I got fix. This spell changed the whole class around for me. I was currently ready to pound adversaries with the utilization of soul dart (a spell that brings down harm however costs no MP) and afterward recuperate up with Cure and proceed on my way. 

Seer is a Disciple of Magic and in this manner utilizes MP. Last Fantasy 14 is diverse this time around as its absolutely impossible to regen MP normally. From the outset during low levels it is somewhat baffling running out of MP and expecting to run back to the closest Aetheryte gem to regen your MP. This is basically addressed once you arrive at rank 10 and get a capacity called “Brilliance”. This is a weapon ability that utilizes Tactical Points, it offers back MP proportionate to the measure of harm it does. At level 10 this was giving me back around 60-70 MP without fail, it basically makes running out of MP a relic of past times. 

In Final Fantasy14 they have made the battle framework quick moving, this incorporates the wizardry framework too. In Final Fantasy 11 you needed to project a long spell that would be hindered with only 1 hit from the adversary, in Final Fantasy 14, notwithstanding, the spells are a lot more limited and it is considerably more hard to get interfered. Much the same as assaulting with a weapon or utilizing Spirit Dart, wizardry utilizes endurance as well, albeit in a lot more noteworthy amounts. 

After level 10 Conjurer turns into a force to be reckoned with of pwnage, I effectively and immediately obliterated anything in my level reach. First and foremost they are somewhat delayed to level yet they before long beginning leveling similarly as brisk or potentially quicker than different classes. The lone disadvantage is that in the event that you are playing as a healer in a gathering setting you will get less ability ups than anybody else.The Conjurer all together is a marvelous class, and certainly the one that I will be playing come discharge day.